Understanding the Dangers of Tailgating Accidents
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Why Is Tailgating So Dangerous?

Tailgating occurs when a driver follows the car in front of him too closely and decreases the amount of reaction time that a driver has to react. When the driver cannot avoid hitting the vehicle in front of him tailgating can cause a serious car accident. According to some researchers, tailgating contributes to more than one-third of highway accidents.

How Much Distance Should There Be Between Cars?

In most cases, the Two Second Rule allows enough following distance. When the car in front of you passes a sign, you should be able to count “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi” before you pass the sign. However, if the road is wet and rainy, you should allow four second between your own car and the vehicle in front of you. In the rare case that we have ice on our Florida roads, allow at least ten seconds.

Of course, counting seconds while driving is distracting. A good rule is to allow ten feet of space for every ten miles per hour that you are driving. If you are driving 30 miles per hour, allow 30 feet between vehicles. Large trucks and motorcycles require longer stopping distances, so add extra space when following these vehicles.

If an impatient driver is so close to your bumper that you can’t see his headlights, what should you do? Remain calm. Don’t be tempted to tap your breaks in an attempt to get the driver to back off and don’t exceed the speed limit in an attempt to outrun the tailgater. These behaviors may cause an accident. Instead, wave the other driver in front of you or try to gradually slow down and pull over.

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