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Catch Goldenfarb on Trial Lawyer View Podcast – Tuesday, January 23rd!

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GOLDLAW is proud to announce the Founder & CEO Craig Goldenfarb

Craig will be appearing as special guest on the Trial Lawyer View podcast, hosted by renowned legal settlement services industry expert Jason Lazarus.

In this very special 30-minute podcast, Craig will share invaluable law firm business tips, including:

  • How he runs GOLDLAW like a business.
  • Discussion on Leadership and Structure; his secrets behind leadership dynamics.
  • Firm Business Essentials: The Top 5 things every trial lawyer should know about running a law firm as a business.
  • Law Firm Culture: Explaining the importance of culture and aligning compensation.
  • Data Analytics: How Craig successfully leverages data and key metrics.

Host Jason Lazarus is an attorney and the author of the Amazon Best-Seller, The Art of Settlement, a lawyer’s guide to regulatory compliance when resolving catastrophic claims. His written work is widely published, and his thought leadership in Medicare compliance has been cited by Federal and State courts including the Florida Supreme Court.

This special episode of the Trial Lawyer View podcast is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. Click here for more details!