Kuvin comments on Aronberg Attorney Fees Case
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Kuvin comments on Aronberg Attorney Fees Case

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Aronberg Attorney Fees Case

Whenever new controversy arises in the ongoing Jeffrey Epstein saga, one of the first people the media reaches out to is GOLDLAW Litigation Director, Spencer Kuvin.

Earlier this week, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg decided to appeal a judge’s ruling denying $70,000 in legal fees the State Attorney incurred while defending a lawsuit brought by The Palm Beach Post. The Post filed the lawsuit to acquire 2006 Palm Beach County grand jury testimony in the case of deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

State Attorney claims Post “Knew we didn’t have the records.”

Aronberg has alleged the lawsuit was filed simply to publicly humiliate him. “For me, this was never about whether the newspaper should have the records. They knew we didn’t have the records, and sued me anyway.” Aronberg filed to recoup the fees following a ruling by Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals.

“They (State Attorney’s office) want to be able to go after the fees, but even if the Fourth DCA says that The Post is subject to potential fees, they would still have to have a full evidentiary hearing on whether or not the claims made by The Post were frivolous, which I don’t believe they are,” said Kuvin, who is not involved in the newspaper case. In 2008, Kuvin represented the first victim to go to the police regarding Epstein in Palm Beach Island.

Public deserves to know what happened

“This is a case of international significance, with unbelievably absurd charges,” said Kuvin. “So finding out the breadth of what was presented to the grand jury is pivotal to the general population and public.” As a result of the testimony, the grand jury indicted Epstein on the count of solicitation of prostitution.

“One of my clients was a victim. And she wants to know what happened,” Kuvin said. “So the State Attorney’s Office and the clerk’s office shouldn’t be opposing this. They should be agreeing to it. There’s nothing to hide, and they should be excited to disclose what occurred.”

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