Most Common Car Accident Injuries
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Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident Injuries

Each year, approximately two million Americans suffer car accident injuries, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III).  According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 381,156 total car crashes across the state in 2022, resulting in 242,622 injuries and 3,292 fatalities.

Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents

Injuries suffered by car drivers, passengers, other motorists and pedestrians can range from minor bumps and bruises to catastrophic, life-altering conditions. Injuries form car accidents generally fall into two categories:

  • Penetrating Injuries
  • Impact Injuries

Penetrating injuries occur when objects like broken glass, vehicle parts, or other cargo penetrate an individual’s body. Impact injuries on the other hand, result from an individual’s body hitting a part of the vehicle, such as a safety restraint, airbag, steering wheel, windshield, or dashboard. Although a car accident can lead to serious injury or death, certain injuries occur more often than others. The following are examples of some of the most common car accident injuries.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are the most common injury that affects victims of both minor and severe accidents. Soft tissue injuries involve any trauma to the skin, muscles, tendons or ligaments of an individual. A common example is “whiplash,” the stretching of head and neck ligaments and muscles, as the head is thrust forward then back during a collision. Other examples of soft tissue injuries include lacerations, avulsions, abrasions, contusions and muscle sprains.

Scrapes and Cuts

Scrapes refer to wounds in which layers of skin are scraped or torn, while cuts are long, narrow incisions in the skin. These injuries are often caused by objects inside the car that turn into “flying hazards” during the crash. Broken glass, car parts, and air bags can also cause these injuries.

Head Injuries

Trauma to the head and brain are the most common fatal injuries in car accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 155 Americans die each day from head and brain injuries.

In minor crashes, individuals can suffer bruises, scrapes, and cuts when his/her head comes in contact with the windshield, steering wheel, window, or other car parts. In more severe accidents, victims may suffer closed head injuries, concussions, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and permanent brain damage.

Chest Injuries

Chest injuries suffered after car accidents require surgery more often than other types of injuries. Chest injuries may range from minor bruises, to more serious contusions, and even life threatening conditions like broken ribs, internal organ damage, collapsed lungs and internal bleeding.

The small amount of space between a driver’s chest and the steering wheel often leads to severe chest injuries. In addition, seatbelts, and deployed airbags have also proven to cause chest injuries.

Injuries to the Arms and Legs

Sudden direction changes in a car collision often lead to involuntary movement of the arms and legs, which can lead to injury. Generally, bruises and scrapes are the most common injuries to the limbs in a car crash. However, fractures and other severe injuries can potentially lead to losing limb function, and even the arm or leg itself.

Back Injuries

The human spine is not designed to sustain heavy impact, making it exceptionally susceptible to injury during car crashes. Unfortunately, symptoms are often not immediate, and may take days and even weeks to present themselves. Car accident victims need to monitor their condition, and be on the lookout for tell-tale symptoms of possible back injury that may include:

  • Pain in the back, shoulders, and into the legs
  • Tenderness/Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Tingling/Numbness
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Inability to maintain normal posture

Internal Injuries

Injuries to internal organs often require surgery. These injuries can be caused by the body hitting or being pressed against objects or being stuck by flying debris. Injury to internal organs like the heart, lungs, liver and spleen can also lead to internal bleeding, another life-threatening condition. It may take time for symptoms to show themselves, so car accident victims should watch for symptoms that can include:

  • Dizziness/Fainting
  • Abdominal or back pain
  • Light-headedness/Loss of consciousness
  • Discoloration in the affected area
  • Headaches

Call GOLDLAW to Discuss the Injuries You Suffered in a Car Accident!

In many cases, injuries resulting from car accidents are not immediately apparent. Symptoms may take days or weeks before they are noticeable. That’s why you need to contact YOUR car accident lawyer, GOLDLAW, as soon as possible!

Why consult a highly experienced accident attorney? According to GOLDLAW Founder & CEO, Craig Goldenfarb, you need to consider the following:

You May Be Entitled to More Compensation than You Realize

“Many victims downplay their injuries or damages to avoid making a claim and potentially having their rates increase, and that’s the wrong attitude to have.” said Goldenfarb. “Victims may not also realize they could be entitled to compensation for more than just their physical injuries and property damage, because if the accident has caused them to miss work, incur medical bills, or experience pain and suffering, the victim may also be entitled to financial compensation for those injuries.”

The Insurance Company is NOT on Your Side!

If you think you are going to get a fair settlement by dealing with the insurance companies on your own, you are in for a rude awakening. “The ultimate goal of insurance companies is to make a profit,” said Goldenfarb. “They do this by offering low settlements, denying claims outright, or dragging out the claims process to minimize the amount of money they have to pay out for claims.” At the end of the day, that’s why you need a legal advocate who has experience in dealing with the insurance companies and is not afraid to battle them in court if necessary!

You May Need to Take Your Claim to Court

In some cases, you may need to take your claim to court to get the compensation you deserve. That is why you need a law firm representing you that has litigation experience, and gets results. GOLDLAW is the law firm you need by your side!

The Statute of Limitations has Been Cut in Half!

Until just recently, car accident victims had four years from the date of the accident to file a claim. However, HB 837, which was signed into Florida law by Governor DeSantis on March 24, 2023, has cut that claim time to just TWO years! “This is a huge blow to accident victims,” according to Craig Goldenfarb. “Two years may still seem like a long time, but in many cases, it may not be enough. Attorneys need as much time as possible in order to review evidence, interview eyewitnesses and analyze surveillance footage, so the longer a victim waits to file a claim, the harder it may be to acquire necessary evidence and review it.” Consulting with GOLDLAW right away can help insure a victim is able to build a strong case that is filed on time.

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