Tim Kenison: Insights on Time Management in Civil Litigation
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GOLDLAW’s Tim Kenison provides Time Management Tips in Daily Business Review Article

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Time Management Tips in Daily Business Review

GOLDLAW Civil Trial Attorney Tim Kenison was recently published in the Daily Business Review. His article, “Effective Strategies for Time Management in a Changing Time in Civil Litigation,” is a compelling and insightful analysis of the evolving landscape of time management within the realm of civil litigation.

Kenison, A respected authority in this field, offers practical advice and strategies for legal professionals navigating the complexities of modern civil litigation.

Here are some of Tim’s tips for becoming more efficient with time management:

  • Designate and calendar a time each day for reviewing and responding to emails, as emails can be a distracting and a tremendous “time suck.”
  • Use your smartphone to dictate ideas and strategies for your cases when they randomly pop into your head.
  • When delegating everyday tasks, avoid micromanagement of the staff and just get it out the door!
  • Shed perfectionism in your own practice when it comes to performing the mundane, as no one cares in a motion to compel discovery whether your use of the Oxford comma is correct or not.

His advice is particularly relevant for lawyers, paralegals, and legal scholars seeking to optimize efficiency and effectiveness in a legal environment that is increasingly dynamic and challenging. Kenison’s expertise and experience shine through in this piece, making it a must-read for anyone involved in the legal profession. To read the entire article, click on the link below:

Daily Business Review Online – GL – Effective Strategies for Time Management in a Changing Time in Civil Litigation – 1-16-2023