7 Big Reasons to Refer Personal Injury Cases to GOLDLAW
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7 Big Reasons to Refer Personal Injury Cases to GOLDLAW

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Hey, fellow legal eagles! Ever found yourselves holding onto a case that feels a bit like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole? We all know the drill. Sometimes we snag cases that could use a bit more of that niche expertise, or maybe our dance card’s just too full right now. Whether it’s scouting for a firm that’s battled more in the rarefied terrains of specific injuries, or navigating the intricate waltz of jurisdictional foxtrots, there’s no shame in the referral game. It’s all about ensuring every case finds its courtroom soulmate. Ready to unravel the whys behind the strategic pass-the-baton? Let’s go!

Here are the 7 BIG reasons to refer personal injury cases to GOLDLAW

1. You will sign your contract with the client, which secures your 25% referral fee.

2. If we can’t sign the client up via an electronic signature, then we will send a New Client Specialist to the client’s home or your office during business hours, nights, or even on weekends.

3. You will be impressed by the detail, efficiency and professionalism with which the case is handled by our experienced staff and skilled attorneys.

4. You will be regularly informed of the status of your referral throughout the entire case. No need to contact us.

5. You will receive a copy of our demand letter to the insurance company when it is sent.

6. You will sign the settlement statement, which shows you exactly what the case settled for. You’ll be thrilled with our results.

7. You will receive your referral check immediately after a settlement statement is signed (we will even hand-deliver it to your local office, if you wish).


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