Goldenfarb Provides Insight on Greenberg Traurig Controversy
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Goldenfarb Provides Insight on Greenberg Traurig Controversy

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GOLDLAW Founder & Critical Case

Attorney Craig Goldenfarb is not just an expert in the field of personal injury law. A longtime student of the justice system, he is a go-to-source regarding many legal issues, including ethics, liability and contract law. Recently asked about a situation at international law firm Greenberg Traurig, where a shareholder resigned due to social media backlash against him after being accused of spousal abuse.

Goldenfarb provided insight about the impact social media has had on the legal industry.

“Since social media came about, it has been the biggest game changer in litigation in my career,” Goldenfarb said.

With respect to the Greenberg Traurig response to the allegations against shareholder Allan Kassendoff, Goldenfarb feels that similar responses will become more common among law firms trying to uphold their reputations.

“The conduct of their employees is important, especially when it comes to their name partners. And the analogy I draw is in the sports world, where athletes have morality clauses in their contracts, that if they do something immoral, or deemed to be immoral, they can lose pay, or they can be fired or forced to resign. It’s a very similar situation these days, as far as employees and lawyers acting in the eye of the public.”