How Much Does The Average Car Accident Cost?
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How Much Does The Average Car Accident Cost?

How Much Does The Average Car Accident Cost?

This is a hard question to answer. Car accidents can potentially cost drivers large amounts of money, but there are Florida car accidents that do very little damage. A fender bender may cost $100 to fix or $500. Because the cost is low, many of these accidents go unreported in order to avoid increased insurance premiums. Other accidents are so serious that the cost in human lives and lost opportunity is impossible to calculate.

Minor Car Accidents

A minor car accident is considered an accident where there are no physical injuries and the damage to the vehicle can be repaired. Most minor car crashes usually end up costing the driver between $200 and $1000.

Serious Car Accidents

When a car accident involves bodily injury and/or leaves the vehicle inoperable, it is considered a serious accident. When medical bills, property damage, and lost wages are totaled, the cost of a serious a serious West Palm Beach car accident is usually over $5,000. An accident resulting in disabling injuries or death can cost significantly more.

Even if you are at fault, if you have adequate insurance, your personal the cost of the accident should be limited to the amount of your deductible. Learn if your insurance coverage is adequate in our article: “An Auto Accident Attorney in West Palm Beach Asks: Do You Have Enough Insurance to Cover Your Palm Beach County Car Accident Costs?”