Florida HB 837: Impact on Civil Rights of Crime Victims in Florida
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How HB 837 has robbed Florida Crime Victims of their Rights


Florida HB 837 and Its Implications for Crime Victims in Florida

Founder & CEO Craig Goldenfarb is a frequent contributor to the Daily Business Review, the Official Court Newspaper of South Florida.

Recently, Craig was asked to write a piece about the effects Florida HB 837 would have on plaintiffs, especially those filing claims against property managers and operators of residential properties, for their failure to provide adequate security measures to protect their customers and residents.

The article appeared in the digital edition of the paper, and in the August 10, 2023 print edition.

Check out the links below to see Craig’s opinion on how HB 837 has affected the civil rights of crime victims in Florida:

Daily Business Review Online Edition

Craig HB 837 Article.8-10-2023