Goldenfarb featured in Medium's "Business Side of Law" Series
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Goldenfarb featured in Medium’s “Business Side of Law” Series

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Check out this great interview with GOLDLAW CEO and Founder Craig Goldenfarb that appears in Medium Business Side of Law.

A home for human stories and ideas, Medium is quiet yet full of insight. Launched in 20212, the online platform and helps you find the right audience for whatever you have to say.

Craig was interviewed by a peer, Eric L. Pines, a nationally recognized federal employment lawyer, mediator, and attorney business coach. The wide-ranging discussion, part of Medium’s “The Business side of Law Series,” covered a ton of great topics, including:

  • Craig’s views on mentorship
  • The biggest struggle he had to face as an attorney/business owner
  • His take on the entrepreneurial skills a lawyer needs to run and lead a successful practice
  • Things an attorney “needs to know” in order to create a successful and thriving practice

Hear Craig comment on things such as…

  • The most valuable lesson he’s learned…
  • The struggle to become a CEO vs. practicing attorney
  • Being a “philantropreneur”
  • The character traits he looks for before hiring new team members

Click here to check out the entire interview on Medium.

Or go here for a PDF of the article.