Expert Analysis by Spencer Kuvin on Recent Electrocution Incident
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Kuvin Provides Expert Legal Insight on Harbourside Place Electrocution Tragedy

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Harbourside Place Electrocution Tragedy

Following the electrocution incident on Sunday, October 22 that killed one man and sent 4 others to the hospital, including three children, the local media called on GOLDLAW’s Chief Legal Officer, Spencer Kuvin, to provide expert analysis of the fatal event.

All four major network affiliates in the Palm Beach County area, WPTV (NBC), WPBF (ABC), WPEC (CBS), and WFLX (FOX), aired interviews with Kuvin that were also featured in their online coverage. In addition, the interviews were picked-up by network affiliates in states across the country, including New York, California, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Oregon, Maine, Maryland, and Iowa.

While local news organizations have reported that officials investigating the incident” know the cause of the electrocution,” that information has still not been made public. With respect to that, Kuvin told WPEC CBS 12, that is some ways, the specifics of what happened aren’t the most important factor.

“This accident was absolutely and completely preventable,” said Kuvin. “There should never be an electric current running through a public fountain.”

Kuvin, a Board Certified® Civil Trial Lawyer

Also said that serious criminal charges are likely if police determine someone knew there was a problem before the accident occurred. He also explained that signs saying “NO SWIMMING/CLIMBING/DIVING” would not be enough to protect the public from a potential hazard. A barrier or fence would have to be put up if knowledge of a danger existed.

“The most concerning issue is that this was a fountain that we directly adjacent to where kids play and were children are known to play,” Kuvin explained. As for who or what may be responsible, Kuvin told CBS 12 News it all depends on what the investigation discovers.

“Circuit breakers, if they’re maintained properly by FPL or by the land owner, when there’s a short in the system, they are supposed to trip and block energy from going through that circuit.”

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