Jorge L. Maxion: A Diverse Career in Personal Injury Law
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Jorge L. Maxion, Esq.

Civil Trial Attorney

Jorge L. Maxion, Esq. is a Pre-Suit Attorney at GOLDLAW.

Few personal injury attorneys have a career trajectory as diverse as Jorge Maxion’s.

After graduating from the University of Miami Law School in 1987, Jorge went the corporate route, spending the first part of his legal career working as a liability adjuster and staff attorney for some of the nation’s largest insurers. As a litigator for GEICO, Nationwide, The Travelers, and Progressive, he defended the insurers from liability claims.

Fast forward 20 years. Like many who started defending the insurers, Jorge made the transition to the other side of the courtroom in 2008, working on behalf of injured victims. In 2014, he joined GOLDLAW.

Maxion’s impressive career includes 30 years of active experience inside the courtroom. As a litigator and Magistrate in Palm Beach County Court, his experience is unmatched by most personal injury attorneys, who rarely actively litigate and adjudicate cases in an actual courtroom. This path has allowed him to experience the competitive benefit of a 360-degree perspective on his cases, as he’s experienced them as a defense lawyer, plaintiff lawyer, and judicial officer. His clients benefit from the fact that he can provide them with experience in the courtroom and a skill set that few other attorneys can match.

Recently, Jorge has successfully transitioned to the pre-suit phase of the personal injury claim process. Having resolved thousands of cases throughout his distinguished career, specializing in automotive and trucking accidents, boating accidents, and premises liability, he has embraced making the move from the “front lines” of personal injury law to getting quick resolutions for a variety of claims. Being bi-lingual, he proudly serves the Spanish-speaking community, and is the litigation lawyer assigned to many of the lawsuits for clients of the firm whose first, and in many cases, only language is Spanish.

Few attorneys have had a career that allows them the competitive benefit of a 360-degree perspective on cases. Jorge’s experience as a plaintiff lawyer, defense lawyer, and judicial officer provide his clients with a level of support and confidence they seek before, during, and after the long, arduous litigation process, that few attorneys are able to provide.


  • Jorge enjoys serving the community, and has been both a volunteer and Board member for Hope Outreach, an organization dedicated to helping those in need resulting from job loss, disability, health crises and other emergencies.
  • On many weekends, you can hear Jorge as a guest on the Interactive Community Alliance’s Saturday radio program. The show provides free on-air resources and information for local Hispanic communities.


  • Jorge has been married for 36 years, and is the proud father of three, including twin daughters.
  • He loves the time he gets to spend with his kids because they bring different personalities and “likes” to the table…
    • One daughter is his workout partner.
    • The other daughter is his “social director.”
    • He gets his sports fix with discussions about what’s going on in the hockey world with his son.


  • He’s gotta be at the gym at least once a day…
  • Jorge loves running on the beach with his 15-month old chocolate lab, Max!


  • Music – Jorge is a big fan of 1970’s rock, especially Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac!
  • The Beach – Max, his chocolate lab, allows him to spend time at the beach almost every day.


  • He recently knocked a major “to do” off his list when he got to see Sir Paul McCartney in concert last summer!
  • To see some of the natural wonders in the United States/Canada, including Niagara Falls and Mount Rushmore.

Leadership, Honors, & Community

His responsibilities during his tenure as Magistrate involved presiding over and preparing reports and recommendations to Judges regarding pretrial motions and non-jury trials in foreclosure cases at a time when Florida ranked among the highest in the nation for foreclosure backlogs following the housing market crisis of 2007-2008.

Mr. Maxion’s leadership and demonstrable litigation competence while working on the pending backlog of foreclosure cases in order to bring them to issue, made him a successful Magistrate. He is now using his litigation skills to prepare his cases for trial without needless delays by the opposition in order to obtain just compensation for injured clients.

Mr. Maxion is bi-lingual, allowing the team at GOLDLAW to collectively better serve the needs of the larger Hispanic demographic in Palm Beach County.

Many weekends, you may hear Jorge as a guest on the Interactive Community Alliance’s Saturday radio program, a show that provides free on-air resources and information for local Hispanic communities, or you may seem him out at one of the many events he does at various Hispanic supermarkets and other public locations in Palm Beach County.


The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every calling, is diligence.

-Abraham Lincoln