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Ranked Top Workplace in South Florida 2017-2020

Are you longing to join a phenomenal team? Interested in great pay, generous benefits, and a family-oriented atmosphere? With careers at GOLDLAW, we offer all of that, and more! When you join the firm, you join the family.

We spend more of our week in the office with our co-workers than we do at home with our spouses and children. It’s for that reason that our firm is driven to provide an outstanding and consistent company culture that fosters individual empowerment within a supportive and caring team-driven approach to management.

When our employees feel cared for by our company, they in turn care for our clients, and each other, with a deeper reverence and a more sincere commitment to their work ethic and the quality of their service to others.

Our Commitment to Our Employees:

  • Each and every single employee deserves and receives the same level of respect and fairness as any other employee.
  • Employees can expect a positive feedback loop in their communications with management and HR.
  • Nothing is hidden from our employees. We are honest and direct in our communications and feedback loops.
  • We are engaged with our employees in their personal lives, as they celebrate life’s exciting milestones, and face unfortunate challenges.
  • No employee will ever feel under-utilized, taken advantage of, or unrepresented in their relationship with management or colleagues.

We do not often have turnover; however, we do regularly have open positions, or we create new positions as the firm continues to grow.

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