The Electrocution Incident at Harbourside Place Fountain
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Update: Additional Visitors Report Being Shocked at Harbourside Place Fountain

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Investigators released new information Tuesday related to the fatal electrocution incident at the Harbourside Place fountain on Sunday, October 22, that also injured four others including three children.

Visitor Reported Being Shocked in July

Dina Fleck contacted Jupiter Police on October 24, two days after the deadly incident, to report that she and a group of approximately 15 people were shocked at the fountain on July 10, 2023.

Fleck said that after sitting on the fountain’s wall, she put her hands in the water and immediately experienced a shock, describing it as “an intense tingling up her whole arm.” She said the tingling lasted a couple minutes after taking her arm out of the water. Fleck said she knew “something was wrong,” and began telling the group she was with. Several individuals also touched the water, and immediately felt a shock. Fleck also indicated they were also shocked by water coming from the adjacent splash pad.

Shock Reported to Harbourside; Concerns Seemingly Dismissed

Immediately after being shocked, Fleck and her friends reported the incident to a Harbourside employee, who they claim was “dismissive” about their report. However, Fleck also took pictures at the time, which she provided to Jupiter Police, along with screenshots confirming the date they were taken. Investigators reported the photos showed a wire sticking out of the water.

Many Questions Remain Unanswered

The Palm Beach Post reports that the incident report said that Jupiter Police spoke to at least two companies connected to the construction of the fountains and splash pad. Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas, builders of the facilities said they had not been out to work on the fountains or splash pad in five to seven years, and also stated that the warranty had expired. Police also spoke to Tranquil Waterscapes, the company that maintains the water at the fountain once a week. A representative told police the company cleans the fountain with brushes and chemicals, but does not perform any electrical work at the location, and that it is not part of their duties to inspect electrical wiring.

Who May Be Responsible?

It is still far too early to assign any blame for the tragedy, as the investigation is ongoing. GOLDLAW Chief Legal Officer Spencer Kuvin, who has commented multiple times about the incident for local and national media outlets had this to say:

“The fact that Harbourside likely had prior notice of this issue makes the tragedy all that more appalling. Harbourside should have known that this dangerous issue existed at their fountain and had it repaired before someone died.”

As the investigation continues, Harbourside Place offered the following statement earlier this week:

“We at Harbourside Place remain heartbroken over this tragic and unexpected loss of a part of our Harbourside family of consultants. Nate – (Davenport, who suffered the electrocution and died) – was a friend of Harbourside and was currently working with us on several projects. Our thoughts, prayers and unwavering support continue to be with his family during this challenging time.”

GOLDLAW will continue to follow this tragic story.

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