Think Ahead with These 7 Hurricane Preparedness Tips
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Think Ahead with These 7 Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Each hurricane season, we face the possibility that a powerful hurricane will strike Palm Beach County. Hurricanes are not something we can control. But we can be prepared for the worst, by planning in advance.

One of the most important steps you can take is to stock up on supplies for your home. Some important items you may need to have include:

  1. Water – You should have at least one gallon of water per day per person, for at least three days. You can buy bottles of water at the supermarket, and you can fill up your bathtub, sink, and any empty containers in your house.
  2. Food – Buy canned food and nonperishables – enough for at least three days. Also make sure you have a non-electric can opener, paper plates, and plastic utensils.
  3. Clothing – Anything that is protective, such as strong shoes and rain gear. It may not be fashionable, but you will be glad you have it.
  4. First-aid kits and medicines – If anyone is your house takes prescription medications, make sure you have enough on hand.
  5. Battery-operated flashlights and radios – Make sure that you have plenty of batteries, and that you have every type you need for the equipment in your house.
  6. Important documents – Keep these in a waterproof container, and have extra copies in your safety deposit box. These could include insurance policies, medical records, bank account numbers, Social Security cards, and lists of user names and passwords. Also make a list of all your valuables for insurance purposes.
  7. Games and toys – Finally, you should have books and low-tech toys and games, to pass the time.

At the beginning of hurricane season, you may look at this collection and think it is a waste of space. But if a hurricane hits our area, you will be glad you thought ahead and prepared for it.