Understanding Cruise Ship Injury: Steps to Take After an Incident
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Steps to Take After Being Injured on a Cruise Ship

Florida is a hub of activity when it comes to cruise ships, but what happens if you sustain an injury on your voyage? There are various steps that individuals can take after sustaining an injury on a cruise ship to help not only ensure they receive the medical care they need but also that they have the best chance of recovering compensation if the incident was caused by the actions of another individual or entity.

Document the Injury

Documentation is important, and this can start right away. If you are able to do so, or if someone else around you can help, take photographs of everything related to the incident and the injury. This includes photographs of where the injury occurred and possible causes of the injury. You can take photographs of the injury itself.

Look around the area where the incident occurred and see if there are any surveillance cameras. You may not be able to obtain footage on your own, but you can notify an attorney later that you saw cameras in the vicinity where the injury occurred. Your attorney may be able to obtain this footage.

Get Witness Contact Information

If there were any eyewitnesses to the incident, make sure to get their names and contact information. This can include other passengers on the cruise ship who may have seen what happened as well as employees. You may not be able to obtain a full statement from eyewitnesses right away, but if you have their contact information, your attorney can reach out to them later on for more complete statements about what occurred.

Seek Immediate Medical Care

It is crucial for any person who sustains an injury on a cruise ship to go to the ship’s medical facilities as soon as possible. A prompt medical diagnosis can significantly improve an injury victim’s ability to recover compensation. Receiving medical care right after the incident occurs helps establish a solid and direct timeline between the incident and the injury. Additionally, if the injuries worsen anytime after the initial medical visit, we need to return to the ship’s medical facility for additional treatment.

For severe injuries, an immediate evacuation may be required. There are procedures in place on every cruise ship for what happens if a passenger sustains a severe injury.

Contact an Attorney Immediately

If you or somebody you care about sustains an injury on a cruise ship, you need to seek immediate legal assistance. However, you need to speak to an attorney who has experience handling cruise ship injury claims. A skilled West Palm Beach cruise ship injury attorney can examine the facts of your case and work vigorously to obtain a settlement on your behalf. These claims involve complex areas of law and often cross multiple jurisdictions. An attorney with experience handling maritime law can help you through this. 

Ultimately, the goal is to recover compensation for your losses. This can include coverage of any current and future medical expenses, replacement of lost wages if you are unable to work, lost earning capacity in case of a permanent disability, as well as various types of pain and suffering damages. There is no set amount of compensation paid to individuals who sustained injuries on a cruise ship, and various factors can influence the settlement amount. Your West Palm Beach personal injury attorney can help you understand what to expect from your claim.