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Steps to Applying for a Restraining Order in Florida

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Applying for a restraining order in Florida involves a specific process. Here’s a breakdown of what’s required:

Steps to Apply for a Restraining Order in Florida

1. Determine the type of restraining order Needed. In Florida, there are five options:

  • Domestic Violence: For victims who have a familial/household relationship with the aggressor.
  • Sexual Violence: For victims of sexual violence who do not necessarily have a household relationship with the aggressor.
  • Dating Violence: For individuals who have had a continuing and significant relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the aggressor.
  • Stalking (including Cyberstalking): For victims of stalking, regardless of their relationship with the aggressor.
  • Repeat Violence: Used if there have been two acts of stalking or violence on two different occasions, with one of them occurring in the last six (6) months, from a person who is a non-domestic or non-dating relations such as a neighbor or co-worker.

2. File a Petition

  • Go to the court circuit in your county and request the forms for a protective injunction. This is a FREE service!
  • Complete the petition detailing specific incidents of abuse, threats, harassment, or stalking.
    • Be thorough and include dates/descriptions of the events.

3. Judge’s Review

  • A judge will review your petition for a Restraining Order in Florida quickly…often the SAME day!
  • If the situation involves immediate danger, the judge may grant a temporary injunction, which typically lasts up to 15 days until a full hearing can be held.

4. Service of Process

5. Hearing

  • Both you (the petitioner) and the respondent (the person you are filing against) will have the opportunity to present evidence and testimony at the hearing for a Restraining Order in Florida.
  • It is advisable to bring any physical evidence of violence or harassment, such as photographs, texts, emails, and witness testimonies.

6. Judge’s Decision

7. After the Order is Issued

  • Keep a certified copy of the restraining order with you at ALL times!
  • Inform your local police, your employer, and other relevant parties about the restraining order.

Applying for a restraining order in Florida is a structured process designed to protest individuals from domestic, sexual, and other forms of violence. This process ensures that all parties are heard and that a fair decision is made regarding the issuance of a protective order.

The steps, from petition to final judgment, are aimed at providing immediate and long-term safety measures for victims, making the restraining order a critical tool in safeguarding individuals against threats and violence. By following these steps carefully, victims can effectively secure the legal protection they need.

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