Ghislaine Maxwell: Charges and Allegations Explained
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Spencer Kuvin on the Arraignment of Ghislaine Maxwell

Spencer Kuvin Lawyer Press Interview

Arraignment of Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time friend, confidant, and now named co-conspirator Ghislain Maxwell has been arraigned on six federal charges in a New York federal court on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 14th 2020.

The charges, announced earlier in the month, include conspiracy to commit sexual assault against a minor, the participation in said sexual assault, the transportation across state lines for the purpose of abusing a minor, and perjury regarding her and Epstein’s alleged acts, all of which occurred in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s.

Listening in closely to the hearing, personal injury attorney and victims’ rights advocate

Spencer Kuvin, who represents a total of six women who have pending litigation against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, released a comment following the court proceeding that formally leveled these sobering charges against Maxwell.

“The arraignment of these disturbing sexual assault crimes against minors and the subsequent denial of bail for Ghislaine Maxwell is a continued tip of the scales of justice in favor of the victims after all these years. While Epstein cowardly evaded his charges, Ms. Maxwell will not. With her global connections, cash resources, multiple passports, and a proven willingness to lie to the Court and prosecutors, denying bail was the right call by the Court. The weight of money, power and influence has finally been overcome by the weight of justice and truth. This is a victory for my clients, the victims of Epstein’s illicit sexual pyramid scheme, and as is the rest of the world, we will be eagerly watching as the scales of justice finally tip against Maxwell and other co-conspirators.”

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