The Bill Cosby Criminal Assault Conviction
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Spencer Kuvin Discuses the Criminal Assault Conviction of Bill Cosby, And What Will Happen Next for Chloe Goins

Criminal Assault Conviction of Bill Cosby

On Thursday, April 27th, 2018, a jury in Philadelphia found Bill Cosby guilty on all accounts in the criminal trial that stemmed from an assault he perpetrated against Andrea Constand 14 years ago.

The former actor was convicted on three counts of aggravated indecent assault brought by prosecutors, and could now face up to 30 years in prison.

It was clearly not the result Cosby and his lawyers were expecting, but one that the world needed to see.

This was the first celebrity trial since the #meToo movement took off in late 2016, and the second trial Cosby had to fight through since the judge declared a hung jury the first time around.

Our very own Personal Injury Trial Attorney Spencer T. Kuvin, Esq. is the lead attorney on the only sexual assault civil case against Cosby in the country, which has been under a stay by a California state judge pending the outcome of the Philadelphia criminal case.

With yesterday’s guilty verdict, Mr. Kuvin said it’s time to petition his judge to lift the stay, and move on to dispose Cosby and his business associates as soon as possible.

Mr. Kuvin and our law firm represents Chloe Goins, a former model who was assaulted by Cosby at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles sometime around 2010.

In this quick video, we sat down with Spencer to discuss the impact the verdict will have on his client’s case, what he plans to do next with the case, and ultimately, what he is looking to achieve in his case against Cosby.

Want more? Let us know in the comments! We plan to release a few more web videos on the Cosby trial as it happens, but we need to know if you’re watching. So ask us a question, or just drop us a line to let us know you want to see more.

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