Trial Against Bill Cosby: Landmark Decision Allows Trial to Proceed
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Court Allows Chloe Goins’ Trial Against Bill Cosby to Move Forward

Trial Against Bill Cosby to Move Forward

Los Angeles, CA – 5/22/2017 – A California State Court Judge has denied a motion to dismiss a civil lawsuit against Bill Cosby for sexual assault stemming from an encounter between the disgraced comedian and aspiring model Chloe Goins, at a Playboy Mansion party in 2008. The decision paves the way for the trial to move forward.

Personal Injury Attorney Spencer Kuvin, Esq., of the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A., in West Palm Beach, Florida, who represents Ms. Goins, says the significance of the Court’s denial to dismiss cannot be understated.

“It is the only civil case in the country to succeed beyond a motion to dismiss on the statute of limitations grounds for a primary sexual assault claim,” said Mr. Kuvin. All of the pending civil lawsuits filed by former victims of Cosby have been for defamation due to his public denial of any accountability for his many alleged crimes.

The trial has now been set for June 2018, creating the possibility for Ms. Goins to hold Cosby accountable in the court of law, said Mr. Kuvin.

The timing of the Court’s decision to allow Ms. Goins’ lawsuit to move ahead comes down on the same week that Cosby’s criminal trial for drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand begins in Philadelphia.

The next step in Ms. Goins’ civil trial will include receiving the entire investigative file from the LAPD, and the taking of depositions from Mr. Cosby, and Mr. Hugh Hefner, the owner of the Playboy Mansion, whom Ms. Goins reported to police had introduced her to Mr. Cosby.