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Social Media: A Game-Changer for Personal Injury Law Firms

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Personal Injury Law Firms

Not too long ago, social media was a platform used mainly to communicate with family and friends, share entertaining videos and get the latest news headlines.

Boy, have things changed.

Thanks to the introduction of new platforms, new marketing and promotional strategies, and a significant increase in social media usage, law firms have embraced social media to market their services and communicate to existing and new audiences. According to a survey done by Attorney at Work, 95% of law firms in the U.S. said they use social media, and 70% said they use it as part of their overall marketing strategy, because it can play a key role in extending reach to clients and boosting online authority.

GOLDLAW is no exception, and has made it a priority to establish itself as a leader in embracing social media and creating cutting edge programs and strategies that separate the firm from the competition.

Benefit of Social Media for Law Firms

There are many reasons that law firms should implement social media into their overall marketing strategies:

To Boost Brand Awareness

Consumers have increased their social media usage significantly since 2019. This bodes well for marketers with a goal of driving their social audiences through the purchasing process, because social platforms present a wide variety of opportunities for law firms to reach an expanded audience, build better brand awareness, and present information in front of potential clients.

To Engage New (and Existing) Followers

Law firms should make it a priority to engage followers on a regular basis to continue building brand loyalty and a referral network. By using social media to answer questions and provide fresh content, there is a higher probability that existing followers will stay engaged, and new followers will come aboard.

To Improve SEO

Studies show that there is a correlation between social media “signals,” i.e. likes, dislikes, shares, votes, views and INCREASED search engine rankings. Because search engine optimization is an important part of an effective marketing strategy, the way social media is used can have a major impact on improving a firm’s rankings and website traffic.

To Attract New Clients

A study done by the American Bar Association in 2018 found that 35% of law firms using social media marketing gained new clients, and that smaller firms had an even higher success rate (42%).

To Build Brand “Authority”

Brand Authority refers to the trust a brand has earned among customers, and the degree to which they see the brand as a subject-matter “expert.” Because there is so much competition in the legal space, it is vitally important for firms to establish themselves as leaders in their specialty area(s). With a proper strategy in place that showcases interesting content and engages followers, a firm is more likely to win trust with their target audience.

What GOLDLAW is Doing to Stand Out in the Social Media Jungle!

Although GOLDLAW has always had significant presence on social media platforms including:

The firm has pumped-up it’s social media presence thanks to making it a bigger part of the overall marketing plan, getting more creative, and letting staff “run” with new ideas with the goal of creating fresh, new content streams that can be shared on a variety of platforms.

CEO Craig Goldenfarb has long been a proponent of social media, and plays a major role in the process, both as an idea man and on-camera talent. As the face of the company, he appears on television commercials, billboards, and print marketing collateral, so becoming the star of GOLDLAW’s social media strategy was a no-brainer.

“Craig is great to work with,” said GOLDLAW videographer Matt Trainor. “He understands the power of social media, comes up with great concepts for content, and is receptive to the ideas that the marketing team brings to the table.”

Although the marketing department incorporates all types of video content into the social media plan, there has been a recent focus on short-form content that has proven popular among followers.

“Another great thing about Craig is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously,” said Trainor. “We do a weekly series of shoots with him, including a mock trial interview with a comic twist that has proven extremely popular on platforms like TikTok and Twitter, because they are short and to the point…around 10-15 seconds. In them, Craig may poke fun at a topic, or set-up a longer form piece that appears on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. He has a knack for comedy, which the audience appreciates.”

Another reason GOLDLAW’s social media is successful is because the creative staff has been able to find a balance between legal, educational, and entertainment content.

“People who make the effort to take in your social media want to be entertained, first and foremost,” said Morgan Therrien, GOLDLAW’s Social Media Specialist. “But, they also want relevant news and information about the firm, especially if they are a potential client. So, whether we are doing short ‘Craig Selfie Videos,’ that may focus on law firm business hacks, or longer form informational pieces, we try to make them fun and engaging, because our goals are two-fold:  have the viewer come back to take in more of our content and attract new followers to the company.”

The Social Media Endgame

To attract an audience, social media must be fresh and engaging. That’s why CEO Craig Goldenfarb and the marketing staff at GOLDLAW have made it a priority to stand out from the rest of the industry.

“There are endless ways to implement social media that will provide the firm with advantages to help boost audience engagement and generate new leads,” said Goldenfarb. “Certainly, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Using social media to our best advantage will always be a challenge because the habits of users, and the priorities of those developing content change on an almost daily basis. That said, our marketing team has done a great job in creating content that we feel is creative and interesting to audiences, and I have no doubt that this creativity and the ability to adapt to changes will make GOLDLAW’s social marketing efforts stand out amongst our competition.”

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