Silver Sluggers and GOLDLAW...A Winning Combination! Silver Sluggers and GOLDLAW...A Winning Combination!
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Silver Sluggers and GOLDLAW…A Winning Combination!

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GOLDLAW is passionate about supporting Palm Beach County by investing firm time and resources into a wide variety of local business and community initiatives. Whether it’s programs that focus on education, children, the LGBTQ+ community or other compromised/disadvantaged groups, GOLDLAW is there to lend a hand.

GOLDLAW is also a big-time supporter of another group of individuals who make up a BIG part of Palm Beach County’s population: SENIORS! And when the firm can combine their support of the 55 and over set with another company passion – sports – it makes for a “win-win” for everyone involved! Welcome to the Silver Sluggers Program at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium!

It All Started With the “Knothole Gang”

For years, Major League and Minor League baseball teams have created programs to reward fans and encourage them to get out to the ballpark. One of the earliest, best known and longest running promotions of this kind is the “Knothole Gang.” Knothole gangs came about as professional ballparks were first being built with wooden fences. Kids who could not pay for a seat found out that the wooden fences provided “spy” holes to watch the games for free. The holes were created when knots in the wood popped out of the fences.

The first “knothole gang” was promoted by New Orleans Pelican’s owner Abner Powell in the late 1880’s. He allowed kids into the stadium to watch games for free as long as they showed good behavior. The St. Louis Cardinals are credited with sponsoring the first “Knothole Gang Club” in Major League baseball. Around 1917, with every $50 purchase of stock in the Cardinals, one bleacher seat was opened up free of charge for the city’s youth. Well known baseball executive Branch Rickey came up with the concept.

Since then, the “knothole gang” has become part of baseball lore. Today the concept has developed into popular sponsorship opportunities at the Major League, Minor League, and college levels. It entails paying a nominal fee that entitles a child to a game ticket and other incentives, including complimentary food, team gear, and other items.

Kids love baseball. But, so do more “experienced” fans. That is why many minor league teams have expanded the “knothole gang” concept to include another group that is as important to the growth of the game as children: Senior Citizens!

Silver Sluggers – A Program for the Most Dedicated of Fans!

“Silver Sluggers is one of the most popular promotions at the ballpark,” said Andrew Seymour, Assistant General Manager & Director of Operations at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium. And why not! All baseball fans 55 and over, – not just those of the home park Jupiter Hammerheads and Palm Bach Cardinals – get a phenomenal deal! For just $40.00, “Silver Sluggers” club members get the following:

  • Ticket to ALL Wednesday Games…21 from April – September (that’s $1.90/game!)
  • An official “Silver Sluggers” T-shirt
  • A FREE hot dog and soda at each game
  • The chance to win GREAT prizes in Baseball Bingo!
  • 10% Discount at the Team Store
  • Official Silver Sluggers Gift!

“It’s such a great opportunity for local baseball fans,” said Corporate Partnerships Manager Rachel Duewer. “The Silver Sluggers program allows older fans to see great baseball, enjoy a senior-friendly atmosphere, make new friends, and it’s an incredible value! Membership grows each year, which means we are introducing new fans to the game, and as a staff, we couldn’t be happier.”

GOLDLAW enhances the experience for club members by handing out a variety of “swag” and steering members in the right direction if they have any legal concerns. Client Relations Manager Jennifer Fisher oversees the sponsorship for GOLDLAW, and spends almost every Wednesday night of her summer at the ballpark.

“I just love the interaction with the Silver Sluggers,” said Fisher. “They appreciate the gift items we provide, are fun to talk with, and truly enjoy the experience the stadium and the games provide. I know many who have been members for years, and always enjoy meeting new members. It’s a truly unique atmosphere.”

To become a member of the Silver Sluggers Club, or to get more information about the program, please visit the Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium website, or call 561-775-1818!