Angelesea Rock and Shaunte Chambers Car Accident: Tragic Incident in Orlando
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Shaunte Chambers and Angelesea Rock Killed, 2 Others Injured in Crash with Pickup Driver Who Fled Scene

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Shaunte Chambers and Angelesea Rock Tragic Car Accident

On Thursday, January 9, an early morning car crash on Colonial Drive in Orlando left Shaunte Chambers, 19, and Angelesea P. Rock, 20, dead, and two others injured.

According to a police report, officers were called to the accident scene around 2:40 AM. Police Sgt. David Baker said that a Ford-F150 truck was driving erratically before it slammed into a Volkswagen Jetta. Chambers and Rock were pronounced dead at the scene. Two other women, Jada Fraser and Taylor Morgan, both 20, were injured, and were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

All four women were riding in the Jetta.

The Ford truck was found empty, and police called K-9 units and a helicopter to the scene to search for the escaped driver. Eventually they located a man believed to have been in the truck, hiding on the north side of the lake. He was taken to a hospital and listed in stable condition while authorities continue to investigate who was driving and the cause of the crash.

Sgt. Baker reminds drivers that it’s important to always remain at the scene of an accident. “Staying on scene is definitely the best thing to do because, obviously, leaving will cause you to face felony charges and that sort of thing so it’s certainly not a good thing to do and it’s certainly not the right thing to do, either.”

In 2018, there were 401,851 car crashes, resulting in 254,484 injuries and 3,150 fatalities in the state of Florida. About 5,797 of those involved a driver who was cited for reckless driving.