Breaking News: Fatal Electrocution Accident in Liberty County
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School Teachers Electrocuted at Miami High School, Son Injured

Picture of a baseball field scoreboard

Electrocuted incident at Miami High School

On March 10, Liberty County High School’s head baseball coach, 39-year-old Corey Crum, and his wife, 41-year-old Shana Crum, died following a tragic electrocution accident at the baseball field. Their 14-year-old son was also injured, but is expected to recover.

A press release sent out by Liberty County Sheriff Joe White explains that Coach Crum was using a boom lift to remove a piece of equipment from a trailer when the incident occurred. The lift’s boom made contact with power lines, electrifying the boom lift and electrocuting Coach Crum. Crum’s wife and son attempted to help him and were also electrocuted. Both adults were pronounced dead at the scene by Liberty County EMS. Their son was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The Crums and other parents and students were replacing a scoreboard that had been destroyed by Hurricane Michael when the tragedy happened. Coach Crum was in his first year as head varsity baseball coach, and Shana Crum worked as a health aide at the school. Coach Crum’s brother, Randall Crum, spoke with the team and told them his brother would have wanted them to keep pressing forward and do their best.

The school board is providing grief counselors for students and parents affected by the tragedy.

If there was negligence on the part of the school or the boom lift manufacturer, the Crums’ family may have grounds to move forward with a civil Wrongful Death case. Another theory of negligence to explore is why Mr. Crum, a public school athletics coach, was performing work that should have been performed by a licensed signage installer or electrician.

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