Car Accident Claim: Representing Yourself vs Hiring an Attorney
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Representing Yourself In A Car Accident Claim

Car Accident Claim

If you were in a West Palm Beach car accident, you may be considering representing yourself in order to save money. If you decide to represent yourself in your Florida accident injury claim, here are some tips from a car accident attorney in West Palm Beach.

  • Know the law. Florida is a no-fault state, so if your injuries are minor, you will be seeking compensation from your own insurance company. If your injuries are serious, you have the right to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation from the driver who is at fault.
  • Be able to prove that the other driver was negligent and that his negligence caused your injuries. This means that you have to prove that the driver acted with less care than is required by law.
  • Know the damages that you are entitled to. Florida law allows you to seek compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, disfigurement, disability and more. You need to know what damages apply to your claim and how much compensation to ask for.
  • Know the value of your claim. If you ask for too little, you could end up in debt. If you ask for too much, the insurance company or jury will see you as greedy and reject your claim. Knowing the value of your claim will help you determine if you should accept a settlement or file a lawsuit.
  • Know the statute of limitations. In Florida, you have four years from the date of injury to file a car crash injury claim.

Representing yourself may be a good idea if you sustained no serious injuries and your property damage adds up to less than $1,000. However, if your car has sustained heavy damage, you are seriously injured, or there is a question about fault, you may be better off hiring a Florida car accident attorney.

Worried about the cost?

Craig Goldenfarb, a car accident attorney in West Palm Beach, offers a free initial consultation. He also accepts Florida motor vehicle injury cases on a contingency basis. This means you don’t pay attorney fees until he gets results for you. If you lose, you owe nothing. Still not certain? Studies have found that personal injury victims who hire an attorney receive settlements that are significantly larger than those received by accident victims who represent themselves – even after attorney’s fees.

If you’d like to discuss your claim with a car accident lawyer in West Palm Beach, contact the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb.