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Reasons to consider leaving your Personal Injury Lawyer: Part I

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Deciding to leave your current personal injury lawyer and find another can be a difficult decision, but in some cases it’s necessary to ensure that your case is a priority, is being set-up for success, and allows you to be happy with your representation. Here are some of the reasons that may warrant considering a switch:

Unresolved Ethical Concerns

Discovering ethical violations, breaches of confidentiality, or other questionable behavior on the part of your lawyer may be a reason to move on. GOLDLAW’s Tim Kenison, who also has significant experience as an appellate attorney, tells why:

  • “If the client’s instinct tells them that their attorney has asked them to do something that does not seem ethical, then the client should go with their gut and not blindly follow the advice. The client always has the option of calling GOLDLAW and asking one of our legal experts if what the attorney has proposed is ethical.

Lack of Confidence in Strategy

If your personal injury lawyer’s strategy for your case is unclear, inconsistent, or if you feel they are not adequately advocating for your interests, it could be time to talk with other attorneys, says Don Vollender, GOLDLAW’s Pre-Suit Managing Attorney:

  • “Each GOLDLAW client has a team consisting of an attorney, a paralegal, and a legal assistant working with them. We are constantly in contact with them regarding the status of their case, and how it is being handled, and that instills confidence for the client.”

Conflicts of Interest

If you discover that your personal injury lawyer has a conflict of interest that could affect their ability to represent your best interests impartially, this is a huge red flag, and big reason to look for new representation. GOLDLAW’s Paul Shalhoub, who was recently named to Florida “Super Lawyers in Personal Injury” provides more detail:

  • “An attorney who has a conflict of interest when it comes to representing you may have a major impact on the case, and their ability to represent you may be compromised. First and foremost, as the client, you need to disclose all relevant information to your attorney, so they can do a complete check to ensure there are no competing interests/conflicts when it comes to the representation of your case. For example, if your attorney has previously represented the entity you are suing, a conflict likely exists. While some conflicts can be waived by the client, it might be best to move on and find another lawyer whose ability to be fair and impartial is not potentially compromised.”

Experience & Resources

In some cases, an attorney may not have the necessary education, experience, staff, support or financial resources to properly handle your case. Rafael Roca, one of GOLDLAW’s two Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers® explains:

  • “A couple important things here. An individual with a potential personal injury claim should seriously consider hiring a lawyer who is board certified in civil trial law, because this distinguishes him/her from other lawyers, given the experience, knowledge, and training required to maintain board certification. A client should also consider the ability of a lawyer or firm to see a case to the end. If it does go to litigation, the insurance companies know who the trial lawyers are, and know their reputations. The lawyer’s firm should also have the resources needed, including financial, expertise, and experienced staff to provide the best representation, because it can make a big difference in the value of recovery.”

Unrealistic Promises

If your current lawyer made unrealistic promises about the outcome of your case, and/or the amount of compensation you may receive, and it’s becoming clear that those promises made won’t be kept, it could be a sign of misrepresentation. If that happens, you should really consider hiring a new lawyer. GOLDLAW’s Paul McBride tells why:

  • “Unfortunately, we see many red flags in personal law injury when it comes to lawyers promising more than they can deliver,” said McBride. “Here are a few that should immediately get your attention as a client”:
    • If an attorney, – or doctor – guarantees a specific outcome.
    • If you can never reach your attorney or their staff.
    • If your attorney/staff never asks you how you are doing.
    • Overstating potential compensation, because no lawyer can definitively predict the exact amount a client may receive.
    • Misleading you about the legal process to make it seem simpler or easier than it really is rather than taking the time to explain the process.
  • “It’s essential for clients to do their due diligence when selecting a personal injury lawyer. Reputable attorneys will provide honest and clear information. Clients should also consult multiple attorneys, read reviews, and ask for references to make an informed decision. If a lawyer’s promises seem too good to be true, they might very well be.”

It’s essential for clients to do their due diligence when selecting a personal injury lawyer. Reputable lawyers will provide honest and clear information about the case, potential outcomes, and the legal process without making unrealistic promises. Clients should also consult multiple attorneys, read reviews, and ask for reference to make an informed decision. If a lawyer’s promises seem too good to be true, they might very well be.

When it comes to battling insurance companies, you need attorneys as good as theirs. And a highly skilled trial lawyer will provide you with the best chance of beating the insurance companies in court, and obtaining the best settlement. Have questions about a potential claim? Call GOLDLAW to speak to an experienced trial attorney at 561-222-222, or visit our website.