The Ramsey Family: Holding Out Hope Amidst Tragedy
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Ramsey Family of Jupiter Searching for Mother After Condo Collapse

Craig Goldenfarb is interviewed in Miami to talk about the condo collapse

Search and rescue operation after condo collapse

As efforts continue to untangle the debris from June 24th’s sudden collapse of the Champlain Towers condo complex, one Jupiter family has been holding out hope that their beloved mother somehow survived the horrific ordeal.

Magaly Ramsey of Jupiter, her husband and family are hoping against all odds that their 80 year-old mother, whom they described as strong, resilient, and “self-made”, will be found. Mother and daughter lovingly share the same name.

The Ramsey family is just one family of one victim. At the time of this posting, search and rescue teams have recovered 12 bodies with almost 140 still unaccounted for.

Families have been remanded to the official reunification site for the disaster. Cell phone video shows tensions in the center running high as the days wane on with few and far between updates on recoveries.

What victims’ families like the Ramseys can do now

Craig Goldenfarb is interviewed in Miami to talk about the condo collapse

Craig Goldenfarb is interviewed on CNN in Miami discussing the Surfside condo collapse.

Surviving families of victims of the Miami condo tower collapse like the Ramseys have few options this early into the recovery and investigative efforts. The official cause of the collapse may not be available for months or even years. As we explained in an earlier article on why the condo might have collapsed, the first massive step towards understanding what happened begins with clearing out the rubble to get down to the surviving structure. Only then can what remains of the building be forensically investigated by structural engineers to determine the root cause of the building’s failure.

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