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Palm Beach County’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 2023

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If you’ve ever felt like navigating Palm Beach County roads is a bit like driving in a high-stakes game of bumper cars, you’re not alone. Our county has a serious traffic accident problem, and it’s not just your imagination – the numbers prove it.

Military Trail is #1 once Again

For the second year running, the intersection of Forest Hill Boulevard and South Military Trail in Palm Springs has taken the unfortunate crown as the most crash-prone in the county, racking up an astounding 10 wrecks in 2023. This bustling crossroads, surrounded by shopping centers and residential neighborhoods sees over 40,000 vehicles a day, making it a prime location for fender benders. In 2022, the intersection saw 100 accidents.

But it’s not just this one intersection. Military Trail, a major thoroughfare stretching across the county, has earned a notorious reputation for accidents. In 2023, four of the top six intersections with the highest number of crashed were located along this busy road

Why are Military Trail intersections so Dangerous?

Although Palm Beach County doesn’t specify the causes of each individual accident, it’s no secret that factors like speeding, distracted driving, and heavy traffic are major contributors to the number of accidents. The sheer number of cars on the road, combined with drivers who are in a hurry or not paying attention, has always been a recipe for disaster.

Another key factor is the design of the intersections themselves. Many of them are located in areas with a mix of commercial and residential properties, leading to conflicts between cars, pedestrians, and cyclists. Some intersections also have older building and driveways that open directly into the road, making it difficult for drivers to see and navigate oncoming traffic.

County data shows that both Forest Hill and Military Trail had a high number of crashes at other intersecting points, with a 17-mile stretch of Military, – from Forest Hill to PGA Boulevard – accounting for four of the six highest wreck totals during 2023. Intersections rounding out the top four for crash-prone intersections were:

  • #2: North Military and Okeechobee Boulevard; (92 crashes)

  • #3: Forest Hill and South State Road 7 (441); (83 crashes)

  • #4: South Military and Lantana Road; (80 crashes)

The List

According to Signal Four Analytics, an online traffic safety dashboard that tracks vehicle crashes statewide, crashes at Palm Beach County intersections accounted for 323 serious injuries and 67 deaths in 2023. So far in 2024, there have been 19 deaths at county intersections. Here is a comprehensive list of the most crash-prone Palm Beach County intersections in 2023:

1. 101: South Military Trail and Forest Hill Boulevard.

2. 92: North Military Trail and Okeechobee Boulevard.

3. 83: South State Road 7 (441) and Forest Hill Boulevard.

4. 80: South Military Trail and Lantana Road.

5. 78: Tie among:

  • North Alternate A1A and Indiantown Road.

  • PGA Boulevard and North Military Trail.

  • West Boynton Beach Boulevard and North Congress Avenue.

6. 77: Tie among:

  • South Jog Road and Forest Hill Boulevard.

  • Southern Boulevard and Sansbury’s Way/Lyons Road.

  • South Jog Road and Atlantic Avenue.

7. 76: Southern Boulevard and State Road 7 (441).

8. 75: West Atlantic Avenue and northbound I-95.

9. 74: 10th Avenue North and South Congress Avenue.

10. 73: Glades Road and NW 15th Avenue/Airport Road.

11. 71: Okeechobee Boulevard and North Haverhill Road.

12. 69: South State Road 7 (441) and Palmetto Park Road.

13. 68: North Military Trail and Northlake Boulevard.

14. 67: Tie among:

  • Lake Worth Road and South State Road 7 (441).

  • South Jog Road and Lake Worth Road.

15. 66: Tie among:

  • 1oth Avenue North and South Military Trail.

  • Southern Boulevard and Military Trail.

  • North Congress Avenue and 45th Street.