Motorcyclists Sandra Rios: Tragic Accident Leaves One Dead
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Motorcyclists Sandra Rios, Dead, and Rodolfo Rios Critically Injured After Commercial Dump Trunk Runs A Red Light

Overhead view of the map of Beeline Hwy and Northlake Blvd

Motorcyclist accident at Beeline Highway

A crash Friday morning, October 9, at Beeline Highway and Northlake Boulevard left one motorcycle rider dead, and the driver in critical condition.

Authorities say the accident happened when a dump truck moving south on Beeline failed to stop at a red light. The large truck then crashed into a motorcycle that had the right of way. The bike’s driver, Rodolfo Rios, 25, was rushed to the hospital and remains in critical condition. Sadly the motorcycle’s passenger, Sandra Rios, 46, was pronounced dead at the scene. test

Police say they are investigating the crash, but do not believe alcohol or drugs played a role.

Large Commercial Vehicles are particularly dangerous

Large commercial vehicles can be particularly dangerous when involved in any kind of accident because of their size and weight. It is very important that drivers who operate these vehicles have proper training and understand the potentially deadly consequences of ignoring simple traffic laws like stopping for a red light.

Unfortunately, Florida has one of the highest rates of large truck accidents in the country. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) it consistently ranks #3 in the nation, behind only California and Texas.

There are many causes of commercial trucking accidents. Aside from intoxicated driving, speeding and distracted driving are two common causes. Another frequent issue is companies hiring drivers who lack the necessary experience and training.

In some cases, they may not even have the right type of license for the truck they are assigned to drive. When trucking companies fail to ensure proper training, they’re doing a disservice both to the driver, and to others who may be affected by an accident.

All drivers should be aware that it’s easy to miss a motorcycle due to its small size. “Look twice and save a life!” is something motorists are encouraged to do. Stopping at red lights will give you ample time to do this.