Understanding the Martin County Truck Crash: A Case Study
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Martin County Truck Crash is a Potential Case for the Hawthorne Family

A family man lost his life after a tractor trailer he was riding as a passenger in rolled over and crashed in Martin County last week. The victim was identified as Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jr.

Mr. Hawthorne, as revealed in media reports, is a father of at least one son. Crash investigations are unspecific in their reporting of what happened, but it seems the truck was intending to make a left-hand turn when it veered right, and crashed.

The family of Nathanial Hawthorne Jr. may have a personal injury case

Because Mr. Hawthorne was a passenger inside the vehicle, the surviving family members of the Hawthorne family may be entitled to compensation under Florida’s wrongful death laws.

This is an example of how being a passenger in a vehicle involved in a crash can severely affect the lives of the survivors. If Mr. Hawthorne was the primary financial contributor to his household, the surviving family could potentially suffer hardship without him.

The vehicle was identified as a 2000 Kenworth tractor trailer. It is not clear whether the driver of the truck was working as a truck driver at the time of the crash, nor is it clear whether either man owns the truck, or if the truck is owned by a transportation company.

If the truck was owned by a transportation company, there may be significant insurance policy coverage for the surviving family to pursue.

If you or someone you know has been killed as the result of a crash with a commercial vehicle or truck, please call our law firm today. We may be able to help you obtain compensation for your loss.