The Tragic Accident of Maria Yohany Alvarez Jimenez: A Devastating Incident in Boca Raton
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Maria Yohany Alvarez Jimenez Struck and Killed By Car While Riding Bicycle in Boca Raton

bicycle accident maria yohany

Tragic accident between car and bicycle in Boca Raton

Maria Yohany Alvarez Jimenez, 26, was killed in Boca Raton on Saturday, February 15, after a car struck the bicycle she was riding.

Officials from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBCSO) say Alvarez Jiminez was heading west across State Road 7 north of Palmetto Park Road, not long after 9 PM. She was struck by a 2018 Infinity QX60 heading north. The car’s right bumper hit the bike’s front wheel. As a result, Alvarez Jiminez was thrown onto the hood of the car, then hit the side mirror. Local fire rescue crews were called, and pronounced her dead on the scene. Police then spent a few days trying to identify her.

The driver, Iris Tallerie, and a passenger in the car were unhurt.

Unfortunately, Florida leads the country in deaths of people riding bicycles. In fact, another bicyclist in Boca Raton died on Wednesday, February 12, after being struck by a train. Deaths of bicyclists over the age of 20 have tripled in Florida since 1975. One study found that 38 percent of these tragic deaths are caused by either a cyclist or motorist failing to yield the right of way. Many drivers who hit bicyclists or motorcycle riders say they simply didn’t see them.

“Motorists and cyclists play an equal part in sharing the road,” says AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins in a news release. “While motorists need to eliminate distractions and watch for people on bikes, cyclists can do their part by wearing a helmet and bright-colored clothing.”