Plumbing Explosion Personal Injury Claims: What to Know
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Man Killed In Plumbing Explosion May Have Two Personal Injury Claims

One man is dead following an explosion at a construction site on the premises of a Boynton Beach condominium. Reports detail that the victim in the incident, John Thomas Dillon IV, was working in a large hole in the ground when the explosion occurred this past Friday.

It’s unclear whether the incident was the result of workplace negligence, or with whom Mr. Dillon might be employed with, but the facts of the matter do seem to indicate that he was “on the job”, and this was therefore a workplace accident.

What happens after a workplace construction accident?

Unfortunately, workplace accidents aren’t rare in the construction industry. Working with heavy machinery or in a skilled trade such as plumbing, construction, or electrical is inherently dangerous for even the most experienced workers.

Mr. Dillion, for example, was likely working with a plumbing team to like clear a pipe blockage. Reports have surfaced that it was an exploding air bag that killed Mr. Dillon. Air bags are devices are that used to plug a pipe so that the pipe can be worked on, repaired, patched, or replaced.

Air bags are under pressure, so when they do fail, it can result in an extremely dangerous explosion, shattering pipes creating projectiles out of nearby objects. Mostly likely, Mr. Dillon was probably killed by either the explosion itself, or by debris that became projected by the force of the explosion.

As to whatever may have caused the air bag to fail, it could be any number of factors. The air bag may have been deficient, or there may have been a mistake in properly deploying the device.

Either way, a detailed investigation into the incident is no doubt under way, and these investigations are performed in the utmost secrecy.

Worker’s Compensation claim and a Wrongful Death claim

The personal injury consideration in this example is actually two-fold: when someone is killed on the job, there may be a worker’s compensation claim that can be made by the surviving family members, but there may also be a wrongful death claim to be made against the property owner, the construction company Mr. Dillon worked for, or the device manufacturer of the failed air bag.

That’s the role of a personal injury lawyer – to find someone who can be held responsible for any negligence that may have occurred that day.

Mr. Dillon was a young man at only 27 years old. If he has a wife and children, they are the surviving family members that may be entitled to bring a personal injury suit against any potential defendants.

If you or someone you know were killed on the job, please consider calling our law firm. We may be able to obtain compensation for your loss.