The Role of Medical Emergencies in Florida Car Crashes
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How Medical Emergencies May Cause Florida Car Crashes

Medical Emergencies in Florida Car Crashes

Florida has the largest elders population in the United States – more than 19 percent of Florida’s population are Sr.citizens. Certainly, many older Americans are good drivers who are healthy and active. However, there are many drivers on Florida highways who have suffered strokes or heart attacks and are at risk of similar medical emergencies in the future.

Strokes, heart attacks, loss of consciousness, and seizures are always serious. But, when these medical emergencies take place while the victim is driving, there is additional risk to the driver, to his passengers, and to anyone else on the road. Even the most responsible of drivers may lose control of their car during a medical emergency. Medical emergencies may cause single and multi-car motor vehicle crashes and Florida pedestrian accidents.

Signs of a Florida medical emergency car crash

Florida car accident investigators look for signs at the accident scene that indicate the cause of an accident. When an accident is caused by a medical emergency, there may be no signs of speeding or reckless driving until the time of the crash. For example, there may be no skid marks at the scene. If the driver is elders or has a history of health problems, they may look at his medical records. Finally, a doctor’s report or coroner’s autopsy will determine the specific medical emergency that took place.

Who is liable in a medical emergency car accident?

The driver who is at fault for a car wreck is usually liable for any injuries that they cause. However, a driver who caused an accident after a medical emergency may try to prove they were not at fault because the emergency was beyond their control.