Preventing Pedestrian Accidents: Tips for Safety
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Examples of Pedestrian Accidents

A typical injury lawyer in West Palm Beach is bombarded with horrific tales of pedestrian accidents on a regular basis. What are some common situations in which pedestrians find themselves threatened and injured? What can you to do protect yourself?

3 Common Pedestrian Accident Scenarios in West Palm Beach (and Elsewhere)

Intersection/Crosswalk Mayhem

Whenever pedestrian traffic meets vehicular traffic, opportunities for disaster may emerge. Even when drivers and pedestrians are on their “best behavior” – and even when intersections are designed well – accidents can still happen.

Why? Simply put, human beings did not evolve to drive cars, trucks, or motorcycles, so our ability to do things like gauge stopping distances of fast-moving cars is inherently poor.

What you can do: Avoid busy intersections, if possible. When you cross the street, look both ways and turn off distractions, such as cell phones.

Alcohol + Narcotics + Walking = Recipe for Disaster

In their bestselling book, SuperFreakonomics, authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner build the case that DUI pedestrians are, mile for mile, more dangerous than DUI drivers.

What you can do: If and when you consume alcohol, prescription medications, or other narcotics, avoid driving. Call a cab or ask a sober person to drive you to your destination.

Pedestrians Tempting Fate

Pedestrians who cross where they shouldn’t, walk along busy streets at night without reflective clothing, and engage in other acts of obvious stupidity put themselves at a higher risk.

What to do: Abide by rules of common sense (e.g. don’t wear all black and go jogging on a busy street at night). Also, take time to read about potential root causes of pedestrian accidents – especially if you walk or run a lot near roads. Your education is ultimately your best defense.

If you were hurt in a pedestrian accident in West Palm Beach or elsewhere, the team at the law offices of Craig Goldenfarb can help.