Employee Spotlight: Pre-Suit Paralegal Diana Ramirez
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Employee Spotlight: Diana Ramirez

Diana Ramirez

Diana Ramirez personality and successful career

In her trademark soft-spoken tone, Diana describes growing up in Queens, New York. “I liked the suburbs much more than the city”, she confides with an enchanting smile, “where we could run around our yards, playing man-hunt and making mud pies.”

“I think my younger siblings ganged up on me, but no matter, because I always took on the older sister/mother role.”

In talking to Diana, you can feel that nurturing warmth. It comes through in her language, in her mannerisms, and in her voice. Diana Ramirez joined our firm in 2013, and over the last five years, has developed a reputation among her colleagues and clients for her superb quality of work, and compassionate, glowing personality.

Being raised by her Colombian parents in Queens was easy. It wasn’t until she was 13 years old, when the family moved her and her two siblings to Deerfield Beach that she experienced a true culture shock. She felt a bit out of place at her Boca Raton high school.

It wasn’t long before she was able to make friends, and in her sophomore year she met the love of her life, Jimmy.

After high school, Jimmy decided college wasn’t for him, taking a job at Publix instead. That turned out to be a cunning move. Twenty years later, Jimmy now manages the new Belmart Plaza store, located about five minutes from our office.

After college, Diana took a paralegal internship at another local personal injury firm, and soon after, the high school sweethearts gave birth to a baby girl, Jasmine. But it wasn’t all perfect. Jasmine was born prematurely, spending 30 days in the neonatal intensive care unit.

During this difficult time, Diana and Jimmy preoccupied themselves with their careers. Baby Jasmine became stronger every day and was soon able to come home. Now 14 years old, Jasmine is thinking about college herself, and Diana wants to make sure her only daughter takes advantage of every opportunity that is available to her. That is what Diana’s family did for her.

She understands that now. Opportunity is why her parents moved the family to Florida all those years ago. It’s why Jimmy took that Publix job, so Diana could be the first in her family to graduate from college.

Diana credits her success to these many sacrifices, and it fills her heart with gratitude. “When you can recognize and appreciate the love that others shower on you, it makes it easier to turn around and do the same for others”, she says.

And that is exactly why Diana’s clients love her so much. Thank you for five great years with the firm, Diana!