Understanding Pedestrian Accidents: Causes and Liability
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Distraction and Pedestrian Accidents

Learn about Pedestrian Accidents: Causes and Liability

Experienced injury lawyers in West Palm Beach (and elsewhere in Florida) often spend a fair amount of time identifying the root causes of pedestrian accidents. Whether an elders driver hit you while you were crossing at a crosswalk, or you experienced a catastrophic, nearly life-ending injury when a bus hit you, you would like to protect your ability to collect damages and hold any negligent or careless driver (or other party) responsible.

To solve your problem, however, you and your West Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyer will need to probe precisely what happened, listing all the possible explanations for the accident that the defense may put forward.

Distracted Pedestrians – A Major and Growing Problem?

Today, pedestrians and drivers operate in a “distraction-rich” environment. Few Floridians have the willpower to go for long without their cell phones, Twitter accounts, Facebook feeds, computers, video games, and other gadgets. Beyond technology, we are bombarded with thoughts and information in ways we were never meant to handle. If you were distracted when someone hit you – talking or texting on your cell phone, for instance – the defense may try to use this against you to prevent you from getting compensation.

To protect yourself against these and other counter arguments, consider retaining the compassionate, experienced, and highly reputable pedestrian accident attorneys at the law offices of Craig Goldenfarb. Call 1-(561) 600-5605 now, or get our free Florida car accident victim kit onsite.