Casey Smith: Bringing Exceptional Client Hospitality
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Casey Smith Brings Client Hospitality to LOCG

If there is only one thing you should know about Casey Smith, it’s that she is an eternal optimist. Her joyous disposition in life is never disturbed. Here’s a case in point. As the afternoon sky turned to blackness and thunder in typical summer fashion during her interview, and the rain began to pound the windows, Casey describes how much she loves South Florida, and how she could never leave. “I live in paradise! We live where other people vacation. How cool is that?”

As our Client Relations Manager, Casey’s ability to find the upside to everything is a commanding trait. It’s also just one of the reasons she is so obviously skilled and perfectly fitted for her role. Most of our clients will come into contact with her at some point during their case. Her main duty is to be a source of information, problem-solving, and knowledge for all of our clients.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this job was actually created specifically for Casey. Nearly three years ago, when one of our case managers heard that LOCG would be hiring for a “client hospitality” role, she thought of her friend, Casey, and encouraged Casey to apply. After just one interview, she was hired. Casey was perfect for this new role.

Casey has created her own approach to keep clients satisfied. “If you come to my home, I’m going to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. So I treat our firm’s clients as if they were stepping into my home each and every time we talk”, Casey explains.

First, she says, hospitality is about creating an experience that has a lasting impression for the client. That way, they will want to talk or meet with her again in the future. Second, she is always focused on problem-solving. If a client has an issue of any sort that she can help with, her goal is to find a solution.

Lastly, and most important, Casey says that she won’t let a client go until she knows they are satisfied. “I listen to a client’s concerns very closely, so I can figure out how best to help them. I want them to feel important, and when the call is finished, they should feel a sense of relief.”

We asked Casey to tell us something no one in the office knows about her. “I have what I call my ‘Inspirational Staircase’!” she said, with great excitement. “The staircase in my home is lined with frames of inspirational quotes.

What’s her favorite quote?

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” Casey takes this one to heart. She runs from no problem.