The Hidden Costs of Crime: Exploring Personal Injury Claims
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Can Crime Victims File Personal Injury Claims?

Most Floridians are well-aware that it’s against the law to drink and drive, commit assault or aggravated assault, and commit sexually-motivated crimes, such as sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, and sexual abuse. But where does that leave crime victims?

Are crime victims left in the dust, forced to pay for their medical bills, time lost from work, and other costs associated with their victimization? It may not be well-publicized, but crimes of physical and sexual violence can sustain thousands, if not tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in losses after being the target of a violent crime.

For example, suppose a fast-food worker was sexually assaulted and nearly beaten to death in the back of the restaurant late one evening. After spending a month in ICU, she spent two more weeks recovering in the hospital.

By the time she was released from the hospital, she suffered major brain damage, could no longer bear children, and was no longer able to work due to her brain extensive injuries. In other words, her life was ruined by the attack.

Fortunately, the cops caught up to her attacker. After DNA evidence confirmed that the suspect in custody was in fact the woman’s assailant, he was convicted and put behind bars for a long time. But where does that leave the fast-food worker?

After the attack, she was slapped with thousands in medical bills and she could no longer hold down a job due to her extensive injuries. Does she have any legal recourse?

Legal Recourse for Crime Victims

In the case of the fast-food worker who was violently attacked, she may not be able to obtain any damages from the assailant, who is not only behind bars, but poor, but she does have another option – she can file a personal injury lawsuit against her employer because the attack occurred while she was on her employer’s property.

Often, when an assault, a sexual assault, or even a murder occurs on someone’s property, the crime victim or their surviving family members can file a personal injury (or wrongful death) claim against the owner of the property where the attack occurred. Sometimes, these claims are referred to as “negligent security” claims.

These types of lawsuits are frequently filed when a crime victim is attacked at one of the following types of properties:

  • ​Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Motels and hotels
  • School campuses
  • Dark parking lots
  • People’s workplaces
  • Any public building

If you, or someone you love is a crime victim, please know that you may be entitled to valuable compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, even if the offender is facing criminal charges, or has not been caught by the authorities.

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