Roadway Accidents Involving Boats: Risk on the Florida Highways
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A Boat Out Of Water: When Boats Are Involved In Roadway Accidents

Roadway Accidents involving boats

It’s hot outside and both Florida residents and visitors are headed out to enjoy the water in boats. The Florida boat accident page of this website contains valuable information about preventing boat accidents while enjoying the water. But, did you know that boats can contribute to highway accidents on the way to the water?

Why do boat trailer accidents occur?

Many of those who tow trailers with boats down Florida highways have little experience driving with a 3,000 pound object in tow. In addition, many of these drivers are visitors to are area and are unfamiliar with the roads. When these factors are combined, drivers towing boats pose a Florida accident risk.

How do boat trailer accidents occur?

Many Florida boat trailer accidents involve turning. Like large trucks, vehicles hauling a trailer must make wide right turns. If the driver is not be used to hauling a trailer behind him, he may inadvertently hit another vehicle or even apedestrian.

Accidents also occur when an improperly attached trailer becomes unhitched.

What can I do to avoid boat trailer accidents?

Realize that drivers hauling boats require a greater stopping distance than usual and need more room for right hand turns. Increase your following distance to compensate.

What can I do if I am injured in a boat trailer accident?

Florida boat trailer accidents are costly. The insurance company must pay for damages to an expensive boat, so they want to pin at least some of the blame on you. You may want to discuss your case with an auto accident lawyer in West Palm Beach. He can advise you on how to protect your claim and avoid taking the blame for an accident you did not cause.

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