Dangerous Food to Eat While Driving: A Guide to Road Safety
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5 Most Dangerous Foods To Eat While Driving

Dangerous Food to Eat While Driving: A Guide to Road Safety

Distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the leading cause of serious car accidents, and with good reason – distractions can reduce your reaction time, take your attention off the road, and can limit your physical ability to react to dangers up ahead. One of the most overlooked distractions, however, is eating behind the wheel. In this blog, our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys take a look at five of the most dangerous foods to eat while driving.

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1. Chocolate

A chocolate bar can be delicious, but they melt quickly in your hands. If you have chocolate on your fingers, it can significantly reduce your grip on the steering wheel. Cleaning melted chocolate off of your steering wheel, clothes, or other parts of the car can also be a dangerous distracted driving behavior.

2. Burger & Fries

Eating a burger while driving requires you to take at least one hand off the wheel, and typically creates quite a mess as well. This distraction can lead to serious car accidents if you are unable to properly control your car. The grease left on your hands by both burgers and fries can also cause your hands to slip off of the steering wheel.

3. Tacos

Tacos are notoriously messy, and eating them requires a good deal of attention. Eating a taco can take your eyes, hands, and even your mind off of the road, which in turn can reduce your reaction time significantly. Likewise, cleaning up lettuce, cheese, and meat that has fallen off the taco can create a dangerous distraction.

4. Soup

While most of us would never even consider eating an actual bowl of soup while behind the wheel, many people put soups into a thermos or mug to drink on the go. There is a danger created by taking your hand off the wheel, but the temperature of a soup can also cause a sudden reaction if it’s too hot. Spilling hot soup on your lap can be incredibly painful, and can severely compromise your driving ability.

5. Coffee

Coffee is likely the most common food or beverage consumed while driving, and is a vital part of many people’s morning routines. Just as with soup, however, hot coffee that burns your mouth or spills onto your lap can cause a sudden reaction and a serious car accident.

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