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Fatal Holiday Auto Accidents in Florida Are Devastating Families

Fatal Auto Accidents in Florida It’s the middle of January and most of us are preoccupied with taking down holiday decorations, putting away presents and implementing New Year’s resolutions. Other families in our area, however, have been left reeling from the devastation of holiday auto accidents, tragic victims of recklessness, negligence, and the failure…

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Hit-And-Run Drivers An Out-Of-Control Problem for South Florida

Consequences of Hit-And-Run Drivers in South Florida It never ceases to amaze that someone would even consider leaving the scene of an automobile accident given the harsh penalties for doing so under Florida law. Leaving the scene of an auto accident where only property damage occurred carries the most lenient penalties of up to…

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Lakeland Hills Nursing Home Neglect Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Lakeland Hills Nursing Home Lawsuit Case Changes in a nursing home’s financial status can sometimes lead the executives of the company to do terrible things to hide their problems. Things like fraud, understaffing and wrongful death can occur as a result, and that’s what appears might have happened in a Florida nursing home last…

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