The Truth Behind Lakeland Hills Nursing Home Abuse Allegations
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Lakeland Hills Nursing Home Neglect Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Lakeland Hills Nursing Home Lawsuit Case

Changes in a nursing home’s financial status can sometimes lead the executives of the company to do terrible things to hide their problems. Things like fraud, understaffing and wrongful death can occur as a result, and that’s what appears might have happened in a Florida nursing home last year. Wrongful death damages due to claims of “lethal negligence” and “civil conspiracy” have been filed against Lakeland Hills Rehabilitation Center, two of it’s past administrators, Ellis J. Williams and Ruth J. Bentley, and it’s management company Senior Health Management.

The suit claims Barbara J. Seabron died last year due to a host of untreated severe infections including MRSA and sepsis. The claim states that there was a “failure to monitor significant signs and symptoms” of these infections and that the nursing home staff and administration should be held responsible.

The suit contends that in order to increase revenues, of which Williams and Bentley were paid a percentage as a management fee, Lakeland Hills management increased the severity level of health conditions of people that would be admitted there as residents. There was no commensurate increase of staff or the hiring of more qualified personnel that the more ill residents required. Money paid by residents was transferred to a non-profit corporation the suit claims didn’t exist. In addition, assets were transferred to a third company, Airamed, “to avoid creditors,” which included nursing home residents and past owners of Senior Health, leaving less to be spent on the more critical patients’ care.

Nursing home litigation takes a very long time, and these lawsuits are extremely complicated.

These kinds of claims are almost always fiercely defended by the nursing home’s counsel. If you’re the victim of nursing home abuse, you need an experienced, dedicated lawyer like Craig Goldenfarb.