The Shocking Story of the Joshua Canady homicide victim
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West Palm Beach Resident Joshua Canady Most Recent Homicide Victim Killed at Royal Poinciana Place Apartments

Royal Poinciana Apartments complex entrance

Homicide Victim Joshua Canady Killed at Royal Poinciana Place Apartments

32-year-old Joshua Canady, considered a father figure by many in his West Palm Beach community, was shot and killed on Monday, June 17, outside the Royal Poinciana Place Apartments where he was riding his bicycle. The complex is located at 5500 Haverhill Road.

Canady’s sister, Elisa Canady, says she and other family and community members looked up to him as a father figure. She said he was a loyal protector who was always there for those who needed him.

In fact, Canady was on the phone with another of their siblings at the time of his shooting. She heard two gunshots, then the call ended. In a panic, she called Elisa Canady, who rushed to the scene. Sadly, Joshua Canady was already dead when she arrived, and Elisa Canady saw his feet sticking out from under the cover first responders had placed over his body.

“I didn’t have to see his face to know that that was him,” she said.

Unfortunately the area near the apartments has seen numerous homicides over the last decade, including the September killing of 24-year-old Angela McDuffie at that same complex where Canady was killed Monday. Not only was Joshua Canady a loyal protector for his own family, but he also helped raise McDuffie’s son after her death, Elisa Canady said. She also added that her brother hadn’t been the same since McDuffie was killed. Sadly their cousin, 35-year-old Joey Canady, was also shot last year at a party on Ninth Street, not far from the complex. Both cases remain open.

Elisa Canady says her brother had no enemies, and she’s perplexed by his death.

“He was cool with everybody. This is what I don’t understand,” she said.

If the apartment complex was unsecured with a gate and restricted access, allowing the shooter to easily gain access to the premises, there may be a personal injury liability claim the surviving family could make against the rental complex owners and management company for negligent security.

Anyone with information about Canady’s death is asked to contact the West Palm Beach Police Department at 561-822-1900, or Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County at 800-458-TIPS (8477).

Sadly, this is not the first homicide at the apartment complex.