Craig Goldenfarb Announces the Emanuel McMiller Scholarship
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Craig Goldenfarb Announces the Emanuel McMiller Scholarship for Higher Education

Image of Emanuel McMiller and Craig Goldenfarb

Emanuel McMiller Scholarship for Higher Education

For Immediate Release – 3/9/2016 (West Palm Beach) – Craig Goldenfarb, personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach and owner of the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A., is pleased to announce the establishment of the Emanuel McMiller Scholarship for Higher Education, which will be awarded to inner-city youth to help them apply and matriculate to college or graduate school.

The scholarship will be available to high school seniors who are or were graduates of Urban Youth Impact, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in West Palm Beach. The scholarship will be awarded each spring beginning in 2017.
The primary use of the $1,500.00 scholarship will be to fund the costs of applying to various undergraduate and graduate college programs for as many as five college-bound students.

Urban Youth Impact students who are considering a graduate education in law, medicine, or business are especially encouraged to apply.

The namesake of the scholarship, Emanuel McMiller, credits his time as a student with Urban Youth Impact as formative and life-changing. Upon graduation from college, McMiller was hired by Mr. Goldenfarb to work in various capacities at his law firm. It was by learning of McMiller’s life story that Mr. Goldenfarb discovered Urban Youth Impact, and took an immediate interest in supporting the organization. Mr. Goldenfarb was a doner to 2016’s Summer Jam, a program designed to keep children engaged in positive activies during summer break.

When Mr. Goldenfarb discovered that McMiller was planning to attend law school, he offered to help pay for the cost of his LSAT testing and law school applications.

“Then I found out that Emanuel had been accepted to several law schools, including my alma mater, the University of Florida, which was just really touching,” says Mr. Goldenfarb. “This young man is just such a fantastic person, and it’s really an honor that he has allowed me to be a part of his journey. Emanuel has inspired me in so many ways, including my decision to make this scholarship commitment that will benefit students just like him for years to come.”

Given that Mr. Goldenfarb is a member of the Board of Influence for Urban Youth Impact, the scholarship is a wonderful opportunity to create a lasting partnership and a legacy with the organization and its students, he says.

Bill Hobbs, Urban Youth Impact’s President and Founder, applauded Goldenfarb and the support of the community.

“It is our mission to love, equip and empower inner city youth, and to provide opporunities for them to achieve their dreams. Support and mentorship from positive role models is missing from many of our kids lives. With that, we can make a difference in their futures.”

Details on the application process for the Emanuel McMiller Scholarship for Higher Education will become available later this year in partnership with Urban Youth Impact.