Yefim Bogomolsky Fatal Crash: Understanding Liability & Damages
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Bogomolsky’s Fatal Crash May Be a Wrongful Death Case

Yefim Bogomolsky car crash accident in intersection of West Palm Beach

An 88-year old man, Yefim Bogomolsky, has died a week after suffering a terrible car crash at one of the busiest and most dangerous intersection in West Palm Beach, Okeechobee Blvd and Military Trail. We’ve represented many victims of car crashes that have occurred in the past at that intersection.

Mr. Bogomolsky reportedly passed away about a week after his vehicle was struck by another man who lost control, and ran into his vehicle. At the time of the crash, Mrs. Bogomolsky was in the vehicle with her husband; she reportedly survived the car crash.

In fatal car crashes such as this one, it’s the job of the personal injury lawyer to establish liability and damages against the other party’s auto insurance company.

Why the other driver may be held liable for Mr. Bogomolsky’s death

The driver of the vehicle that apparently caused the crash, a young woman in her twenties who lost control of her vehicle at the intersection of Okeechobee Road and Military Trail, should be sued for the death of Mr. Bogomolsky.

In a wrongful death lawsuit, it’s actually her insurance company that is sued for this needless death, not the driver personally. The auto insurance company is her representative in legal matters such as this – in fact, that’s part of the reason we all pay for auto insurance.

The damages are clear: a man lost his life, and a surviving spouse if left to live on without him.

Those may be considered very substantial damages in the eyes of the law.

Liability is always less clear, but it may be established by a talented personal injury lawyer. The argument for liability in this case would be to establish that the young woman actually caused the crash that resulted in Mr. Bogomolsky’s death, by proving through experts, witness testimony, and evidence that she in fact lost control of her vehicle at that fateful intersection.

There are the two most important factors when determining the validity of a case such as this one. Of course, they are not the only factors. Available insurance coverage is extremely important, as well as identifying all applicable insurance coverage policies.

This is all within the scope of the valuable work that a personal injury law firm does. Not all personal injury law firms focus on catastrophic death cases such as this; our firm in West Palm Beach happens to be one of those firms.

If you know a surviving family member of a person who was killed in an auto crash, please encourage them to give our firm a call immediately. The consultation is completely free, and there is no out-of-pock cost to the family to hire us. Call 561-697-4440.