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Attorney Referrals

GOLDLAW is honored to collaborate with other lawyers and firms to help clients pursue the justice and compensation they deserve. The majority of our cases come from attorney referrals. Over the last 20 years, we have established beneficial relationships with referring lawyers all over Florida and throughout the United States. GOLDLAW values these relationships and the trust and confidence that so many referring lawyers and law firms have instilled in our firm.

Why work with GOLDLAW?

Partnering with another firm is a strategic decision. At GOLDLAW, we prioritize building strong, collaborative relationships that truly benefit your clients. Our extensive network and established track record in referral/co-counsel partnerships ensure a smooth and efficient experience. GOLDLAW is committed to leveraging our experience and resources to deliver exceptional results. Allow us to utilize our expertise to achieve the best possible outcome for your client.

7 Big Reasons to Refer Your Cases to GOLDLAW

  1. You will sign your contract with the client, which secures your 25% referral fee.
  2. If GOLDLAW can’t sign the client up via an electronic signature, we will send a New Client Specialist to the client’s home or your office during business hours, nights, or even on weekends.
  3. You will be impressed by the detail, efficiency, and professionalism with which the case is handled by our skilled attorneys and experienced staff.
  4. You will be regularly informed of the status of your referral throughout the entire case. No need to contact us.
  5. You will receive a copy of our demand letter to the insurance company when it is sent.
  6. You will sign the settlement statement, which shows you exactly what the case settled for. You’ll be thrilled with our results.
  7. You will receive your referral check immediately after a settlement statement is signed (we will even hand-deliver to your local office, if you wish).

Why Attorneys Trust GOLDLAW with their Referrals

“Although I have been practicing Personal Injury law for more than 20 years, my firm does not practice some specific areas of law within the field. I have been referring Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home, and complex Products Liability cases to GOLDLAW for most of my career. Their experience and expertise in working on these referrals has always yielded excellent results for the clients, and has earned my firm seven figures in referral fees over the years. I highly recommend sending your referrals to GOLDLAW.”

– Jon Levy, Partner, Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa , West Palm Beach/Port St. Lucie

“I have been a South Florida elder law attorney for over 24 years and have had the pleasure of working with GOLDLAW on personal injury cases I have referred to their office.  From initial intake through the conclusion of matters, I have found their team of attorneys and support staff to be responsive to client needs, my inquiries, and handle cases in a timely and professional manner with positive outcomes.”

– Todd R. Zellen, Elder Law and Estate Planning and Estate Planning Office of Todd R. Zellen, P.A ., Delray Beach, FL

Referral Fees

Since 2019, GOLDLAW has paid out almost $1M in Referral Fees to partner lawyers/law firms. Here are a few examples of the fees received:

$187,555 – Wrongful Death (Auto Accident/Premises Liability/Product Liability)
$85,000 – Auto Accident (non-death)
$80,000 – Premises Liability (non-death)
$75,000 – Premises Liability (non-death)
$75,000 – Auto Accident (non-death)
$73,000 – Sexual Abuse (non-death)
$66,667 – Auto Accident (non-death)
$65,000 – Auto Accident (non-death)