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Car Accident Legal Knowledge: Test Your Florida Legal System IQ

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Show us what you know about the Florida legal system by taking this quick, 5 question quiz.

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Car Accident/Insurance Knowledge Quiz

Test what you know about Florida law when it comes to car accidents and vehicle insurance. Answer all five questions and submit the form. All quizzes will be graded. Those receiving "perfect" scores will be entered into the drawing for the $50 Wawa Gift Card. Thanks for your participation and Good Luck!


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True or False: In Florida, if you're partially at fault for an accident, you can still recover some compensation from the other party?
After a car accident in Florida, how many years do you have to file a personal injury claim?
In Florida, "No-Fault" insurance primarily covers:
True or False: Florida law requires all drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP)?)
What is the minimum amount of liability insurance Florida drivers are required to carry?