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Sexual assault survivors need assistance. This is not something that should ever happen, and if it has happened to you, we want to help hold the perpetrator accountable. At GOLDLAW, we are here to listen to your story and hope you obtain justice and compensation for what happened. When you need a Port St. Lucie sexual assault lawyer, contact a member of our team of personal injury lawyers today for a completely free consultation.

Why Turn to GOLDLAW for Help?

Choosing the right sexual assault attorney in Port St. Lucie for your claim is so important for survivors of sexual assault. At GOLDLAW, we understand the sensitivity and complexity of these cases. Here are several reasons why you should turn to us for help:

  • Our team has extensive experience handling sexual assault cases in Florida, ensuring that we know the best strategies to advocate for your rights effectively in a system that makes it far too hard for survivors to seek justice.
  • We provide a compassionate, supportive environment where you can share your story without judgment. Our priority is your well-being and justice.
  • From the initial free consultation to the final jury verdict, we handle every aspect of your case, including investigation, evidence gathering, and court representation.
  • We are committed to holding perpetrators of sexual assault and violence accountable and pursuing the maximum compensation for the harm you have suffered.

What Happens Now – Steps We’ll Take to Help Your Claim

Navigating the legal process after a sexual assault can be daunting. Here is what you can expect when you work with GOLDLAW:

  • Thorough investigation. Our team will conduct a detailed investigation into every aspect of what happened in order to gather all relevant evidence, including witness statements, medical records, and any available surveillance footage.
  • Legal strategy development. We will develop a tailored legal strategy aimed at achieving the best outcome possible for your situation.
  • Filing the claim. We will handle all paperwork and ensure that your claim is filed correctly and promptly.
  • Negotiation and litigation. Whether through negotiation or in court, we will fight vigorously for your rights and interests.

Trust our Port St. Lucie attorney to provide compassionate and skilled legal assistance for survivors of sexual assault.

Liability for a Sexual Assault in Port St. Lucie

Determining liability in sexual assault cases involves identifying the responsible parties. This can include:

  • Perpetrator. The individual who committed the assault is the primary liable party.
  • Employers. If the assault occurred in a workplace, the employer might be held liable for failing to provide a safe environment.
  • Property owners. Owners of properties where the assault took place may be liable if they neglected to ensure adequate security measures.
  • Institutions. Schools, colleges, or other institutions can be held responsible if they failed to protect the survivor or adequately address prior complaints of harassment or assault.

Often, more than one individual or entity holds liability for a sexual assault incident. Our team of sexual assault lawyers in Port St. Lucie will conduct a full investigation in order to uncover any potential liable party so we can file your claim properly.

Compensation for Survivors

Survivors of sexual assault are entitled to seek various forms of compensation, including:

  • Medical expenses. Covering all medical costs related to the assault, including emergency room visits, ongoing medical treatment, and psychological counseling.
  • Lost wages. Compensation for any lost income due to the inability to work following the assault.
  • Pain and suffering. Damages for the emotional and psychological trauma experienced as a result of the assault.
  • Punitive damages. In some cases, courts may award punitive damages to punish the perpetrator and deter similar conduct in the future.

The total amount of compensation available for sexual assault survivors will vary depending on all of the factors related to their particular situation. Your Port St. Lucie sexual assault lawyer can walk you through the various elements of your claim that could affect your overall compensation amount.

Sexual Assault – The Data Reveals Alarming Trends

Sexual assault is a widespread issue that affects individuals across all demographics. According to RAINN, every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. The data highlights the need for increased awareness and stronger legal actions:

  • Prevalence. One in six women in the US has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.
  • Underreporting. Only 25 out of every 1,000 perpetrators will serve any jail or prison time, illustrating the significant gap in justice.
  • Impact on survivors. Survivors of sexual assault face long-term physical and mental health issues, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

We want to highlight something that we strongly believe in and that is the use of the word “survivor.” Some people may call individuals who have experienced this victims, but not us. You are a survivor. Even though the data reveals some scary statistics, you are at the forefront of fighting back by filing your claim. You are standing up to the person or people responsible for what happened, and we are going to help you.

How Will You Afford Legal Assistance?

We understand that financial concerns can be a barrier to seeking legal help. At GOLDLAW, we offer:

  • Contingency fee basis. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no upfront fees. We only get paid if we win your case.
  • Free consultation. Your initial consultation is free, giving you the opportunity to discuss your case without any financial commitment.
  • Transparent costs. We provide clear information about any potential costs, ensuring there are no surprises.

We want to make sure that survivors have the ability to pursue justice and compensation from the perpetrators of these horrible crimes, regardless of their financial situation.

Call a Port St. Lucie Sexual Assault Attorney Today

If you have been sexually assaulted in the Port. St Lucie area, we’re sorry this is something you’re going through this. We want to help. Our team can conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and handle every aspect of the claim on your behalf so you can focus on recovering, being with your family, and moving forward with your life. When you need a Port St. Lucie sexual assault lawyer, turn to the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A. (GOLDLAW). You can contact by filling out our contact form or calling us today.