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Reasons to consider leaving your Personal Injury Lawyer: Part I

Deciding to leave your current personal injury lawyer and find another can be a difficult decision, but in some cases it’s necessary to ensure that your case is a priority, is being set-up for success, and allows you to be happy with your representation. Here are some of the reasons that may warrant considering…

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Cancer Misdiagnosis Consequences

No West Palm Beach medical malpractice attorney would expect an oncologist to perfectly diagnose every patient. In fact, cancer treatment is difficult, complicated, and uncertain. The vast majority of cancer doctors devote their lives to treating and helping patients to the best of their ability. However, when doctors or oncologists misdiagnose patients by failing…

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Florida Malpractice Attorney: Can You “Self-Diagnose” Malpractice?

A West Palm Beach malpractice attorney can provide tools, investigative resources, and experience to help patients and their families determine whether malpractice has occurred. But do you really need a lawyer to make this assessment? Can you “self-diagnose” Florida malpractice and handle your situation on your own? Identifying possible malpractice: opportunities and traps Prior…

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